A Review of the European Railway Supply Industry 

for The EU Commission’s DG III, Industriel

Raymond Mourareau, EC DGIII, BrusselsBelgium

Nov 1995 to July 1996


Objective: A Comprehensive Review of the State of the Railway Supply Industry in EuropeParticular Emphasis on New Technology and the R&D Process and Resources Required

A comprehensive review of the state of the railway supply industry in Europe was accomplished using staff from the RTSC during 1990.  The project ended with a successful industry symposium and an agreement by the industry to use the results of the work to gain insights on improved performance, in Europe and in competition world-wide.  An update to assess performance against these agreed objectives and to determine the most important priorities, including R&D priorities, was undertaken by DG III in 1995/6.


Methodology / Analytics: A Survey of European Suppliers’ Approach to R&D and the Railway Operators’ Stated Requirements Was Mapped Against “Best Practice”

A comprehensive industry review was undertaken of both customers (the railway operators) and suppliers.  Staff from the RTSC were responsible for the technology element, including a review of market requirements through interviews with key engineering, operating and planning staff within urban and national railways; railway suppliers, including identifying their development priorities; and research opportunities from more broadly based research organisations.  A technology opportunity prioritisation process was undertaken, considering the significance of the technology development opportunity, the size of the potential market and the likelihood of successful product launch.


Results: The Final Report and Resulting Industry Forum Has Recommended a Focus for Certain High Priority Railway Technologies to be Developed within Europe to Retain World-Wide Industry Leadership

The final report was circulated and an industry forum provided in July 1996.  The R&D portion of the recommendations, prepared by RTSC staff, recommends a more focused approach to the highest priority technologies.  Technology development work is seen as principally the responsibility of railway equipment suppliers, working in co-operation with railways.  Technology priorities were developed and recommended to the industry.