Why Choose Us? What Makes Us Different?


High Level, Reliable Experience


We have extensive experience in senior management – both financial and marketing – and even more in strategic consulting, where both technology and good customer service played a key role in our clients’ success.


Our sector experience covers railways, electricity companies, computer and semiconductor companies, distribution and retail companies and many other industries. This is not unusual for large consultancies. Indeed, some of our experience and view of quality comes from six years at A T Kearney and joint projects with McKinsey since then. However, it is unusual to find such wide experience in a very small consultancy.


The advantage for the client is that the partner who agrees the contract is also the manager who will work on the project. Where we use associates in positions of responsibility, they are invariably experienced, senior consultants with whom we have worked for many years


Altruism Drives Quality and Profit


The second difference is that our main objective is not to maximise our revenue or our profit. We have low overheads and work with associates whom we have known for years and have learned that we can trust them to deliver high quality work.


What drives us is the desire to create wealth and value for our clients, to see them succeed in the long term in providing ever improving goods and services at reasonable prices for their customers. We believe passionately in fair value as part of a supply chain committed to the benefit of the end customer. We have found that almost always, profit and sustainability flow naturally to every part of that chain.


Strategic Focus – Product, Market and Lean Resources


We help our clients to improve their strategic product and resource focus and to identify and fully satisfy those customers that are most important to them. Through our many years of experience in benchmarking, we enable them to apply global best practice and reduce waste in their processes, moving towards ever leaner and higher quality management. Part of the key to this is to apply technology and other resources in the areas of greatest leverage. Our own consulting approach is similar: we work with our clients’ people to identify and facilitate change, spreading the lessons through key client managers as soon as possible, thus minimising the need for our own involvement.


The Proof – Long Term, Successful Client Relationships


The result of our philosophy and practice is that we have been working for many of our clients for 15 years or more. In many cases our work has resulted in fundamental changes of strategy and very substantial savings or increases in profitability – the client in our most recent large project expects to save more than £200 million over about 5 years. This is a client with whom we have worked since 1994.