Review of Research and Development in the Railway Industry

The UK Department of Transport

Great Minster House                                                          

LondonUK  SW1P 4DR                                                   

Sir David Davies 0171 218 6588 (W)


April 1996 to August 1996


Objective: Provide Advice to the Permanent Secretary on the Most Effective Structure for Railway Research and Development in the Future

The privatised railway industry in the UK presents significant challenges to a number of vital functions, including Research and Development. Recognising this, the DoT established a Committee, chaired by Sir David and including Professor Ridley, to which the RTSC provided staff support.  The objective of the work was to provide recommendations on the most effective R&D structure for the future in light of privatisation, the European context and world markets that are increasingly significant.


Methodology / Analytics: Staff Resources Attending All Committee Meetings, Performing Most Interviews of the Industry and Drafting Text / Exhibits

Drawing from our extensive work on rail technology strategy for European railways, suppliers and the EC, we provided the principal interviewing resource to the Committee.  We prepared presentations to the Committee that suggested the R&D paradigm subsequently adopted (see above exhibit), the role of various parts of the industry in R&D and the enabling mechanisms for the elements that require strengthening.


Results: A Report Has Now Been Filed with the Department of Transport

The Committee’s report published by the Department of Transport after review by the Permanent Secretary.  Implementation is now being planned.