Our Expertise

Integrated Planning for Success

In many projects, our first task is to identify with the client what success really means. For some, it may be to maximise profitability and shareholder value; others may want above all to grow their business; in the case of railways or other asset-intensive companies it is often to make the maximum use of their assets, whether on the balance sheet or not. The client’s existing profile of resources, core competences and capabilities is a vital element in this. On top of this, it is also important to consider the opportunities for radically transforming the product or service by using emergent technological opportunities.



Integrated planning requires a holistic understanding of each of these elements and how they fit together to create success. It may involve developing a clearer view of what is best for the client in each field – what should be the priorities for growth or improvement and how can clients make the best use of their present market and resource position?

This may then involve more in-depth study of one or more of the following, their interaction with one another and how one can lead to the others: